Which orchestra should I choose at registration?
Please consult with your private teacher with the descriptions below in mind. We will send orchestra parts by the end of May.

For musicians who are not yet reading music OR who need some extra movement in their day. Dalcroze is a wonderfully fun and active whole-body musical experience. Students use their bodies to feel, embody, and create music. This is a favorite among many returning students! ​Follow this link to read more about Dalcroze Eurythmics: Dalcroze Parent Intro

A first-time orchestra experience for students who are gaining familiarity with reading the notes in first position. Class will include simple sight reading on the A and D strings. For students in Suzuki books 2-3 who are at least 8 years old.  

For students in Suzuki books 2-4 with previous orchestra experience. Violins/violas should be comfortable reading and playing in first position and may be learning other positions; cellists should be comfortable with the positions found within their repertoire. 

For students in Suzuki Book 4-6 who have orchestra experience and are comfortable playing in advancing positions.

For students in Suzuki book 6 or beyond who are experienced orchestral players and are comfortable playing advanced repertoire.

How do I choose between the regular program and the Young Artist program?