Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I park?
There is free street parking as well as open lots on SPU campus during the summer. No trailers are allowed to park on campus.

Where is the Institute Office during institute?
It is in the dorm, Emerson Hall, room 130. If you need to reach us, and we are not in the office, please contact us via the Remind app. Click this link: or text @2020jssi to the number 81010 to join the 2020 JSSI Parents group. If you are in a teacher workshop, click this link: or text @jssitwp to the number 81010 for the JSSI Teacher Workshop group. We will use Remind throughout the week to send reminders and updates.

How do I log back into the account I used for registration to add another child, change my meal order, or submit in my video audition link?
Follow this link: and enter the email address and password you created when you registered. From the dashboard, you can add another participant profile or navigate to particular forms.

When and where is check-in for students?
TBD for 2020. From 2019: On Monday morning from 8-10 am, you can check in to your dorm and to institute in the Emerson Hall lobby (500 West Emerson Street). When you check-in for institute, you will receive a registration packet with a copy of your student schedule.

Otherwise, check in to your dorm with SPU conference services (3220 Sixth West) from 9 am – 5 pm; at all other times of the day or night, you may check in with the security office of SPU (601 West Emerson, 206-281-2922). Follow the links for additional information and a photo of the building.

When and where is check-in for teacher training?
Teacher workshop participants can pick up their registration packets on Sunday morning in the Emerson Hall lobby from 8-10. Those staying on campus can check in to the dorm with SPU conference services (3220 Sixth West) from 9 am – 5 pm; at all other times of the day or night, you may check in with the security office of SPU (601 West Emerson, 206-281-2922).

What will be provided in my dorm room?
Linen packets are provided with your dorm room, including towels, sheets, a blanket, and a pillow. Toiletries and hangers are NOT provided. Dorm rooms are not air-conditioned, so you may wish to bring or purchase a fan. There is a coin-operated laundry room on the first floor. To connect to the internet, open your browser and register online.

What else do I need to know about the dorms?
No alcohol is allowed on SPU campus! Your plastic key card is required to access Emerson Hall and other buildings on campus. Inner stairwell doors lock; if you use the stairs, you will likely end up locked inside! Quiet hours are from 7:30pm-7:30am. Lost or damaged key/meal cards incur a fee of $20. Lost room keys incur a charge of $125.

Where do I get my meal cards?
Coming soon…  All meal cards and key cards must be returned on the last day in good condition or pay a $20 fee.

When and where can I practice?
You may practice in the dorms between 7:30 am and 7:30 pm, or use any free classroom during the day. Room schedules are posted at each room.

Do I have to carry my cello with me to recitals and lunch?
We will arrange a cello lock-up room that will be locked each day between 11:00 am and 12:45 pm. This is a good place to leave cellos during lunches and recitals. Cellists should not leave their cellos in the lock up room beyond the start of classes at 1 pm. Do not interrupt class to collect your instrument.

What are appropriate concert manners?
Honors Recitals begin at 11:00 in the theater, with announcements first. Children should sit quietly with their parents. Parents of babies or toddlers should sit near the exits, and leave immediately with noisy children. Others should wait to enter or exit the concert hall between pieces. Food of ANY kind, including gum, is not permitted.

What should I wear to the Final Concert on Friday?
Wear your institute t-shirt and a skirt/slacks.

How do I check out of the dorm? How do I return my meal/key cards? (Everyone must return meal and key cards!)
TBD for 2020. From 2019: Check out is available Thursday evening at campus security or Thursday anytime at the Conference Services Office.  On Friday afternoon, check out from 3:00-5:00pm in the Emerson Lobby. Check out on Saturday before 9 am is at Security or from 9-10 at Conference Services. Please check out no later than 10am on Saturday. If you don’t return keys, key cards/ meal cards in good condition, you will be charged.