The daily schedule is intensive and may include:

  • Lectures
  • Videotapes
  • Repertoire study
  • Technical study
  • Observation of students at the Suzuki Institute
  • Evening meetings

Please check the page of your specific workshop for class dates. 


All participants are expected to:

  • Prepare the music in the book(s) to be studied to the point of fluent performance – preferably from memory.
  • Be conversant with the ideas presented in Suzuki’s Nurtured by Love.
  • Perform in class and bring their own instrument(s) to every class.
  • Bring the Suzuki Book(s) to be studied and a notebook to all classes. Participants may bring recording equipment to record class if the teacher trainer allows it.
  • Attend all classes. 100% attendance is required for the course to be added to your SAA training transcript.
  • Participate in the SAA focus group