Violin Unit 3*

Instructor, Kathleen Spring
Dates: August 5-10, 2018

Violin Unit 6*

Instructor, Allen Lieb
Dates: August 5-10, 2018

Violin Practicum **

Instructor, Edmund Sprunger
Dates: August 5-10, 2018

Developing the Bow Arm from Pre-Twinkle to Book 10 and Beyond

Instructor, Cathy Lee
Dates: August 5-10, 2018

This 15-hour supplemental course gives the teacher a practical and child-friendly way to develop the complete bow arm from pre-Twinkle to Mendelssohn. Complex right arm concepts will be made simple for the children with the help of a cast of child-friendly characters: Panda, Jelly-fish and Rabbit. Advanced bow strokes (spiccato, staccato, bariolage, and more) for the more advanced student will be made instantly better using Cathryn’s “magic” formulas.

Required books for the course cost $75 and can be purchased the first day of class. Bring your own if you have already purchased them. (Set of 3 books by Cathy Lee: Bow Exercises, Bow Strokes, Bow Stroke Excerpts for Violin)

* NOTE: The ECC and Book 1, 2, and 3 must be taken in order before taking other training courses. Once the first 4 courses have been taken in order, the other courses (Book 4+) can be taken in any order.

**NOTE:  Practicum may be taken anytime after Unit 1;  however, the participant must have a current Suzuki studio in order to participate.