Enrichment Classes

Our Book 1-8 program includes one enrichment class.

You may also register à la carte for stand-alone enrichment classes.  

Children under age 4 are invited to participate in our Suzuki Early Childhood Education class with an adult. https://japanseattle.org/sece-baby-class

Dalcroze Eurythmics

Dalcroze is a wonderfully fun and active whole-body musical experience. Students use their bodies to feel, embody, and create music. This is a favorite among many returning students! ​Please follow this link to read more about Dalcroze Eurythmics: Dalcroze Parent Intro

Recommended ages: 4-10

NEW: Origami

Explore the Japanese art of paper folding! Among other things, you will learn to fold the Peace Crane while hearing the story of Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes. Materials will be provided. No experience required.

For ages 5 and up. Students younger than 7 may need hands-on assistance from a parent/adult.

Music-Making Lab

Let’s create our own music! We will go over ideas, strategies, and reasons to create your new music. Your musical imagination will grow as you and your classmates gather in this creative, inspiring, and encouraging environment.

All instruments welcome for ages 8+! 


 StringsPop! classes will teach you how to use your classical chops to make your own pop music arrangements for string instruments. Jam with friends, make your own music video projects or multi-track recordings from a simple lead sheet of your favorite song.  We’ll discover how to build bass lines, harmony parts, melodic embellishments and percussive elements for any pop song from the last 50+ years. Class projects include live performances, creating our own arrangements, an audio recording project and a final music video to share!  

For ages 10 and up. Recommended to be in Suzuki book 3 or beyond.

Viola For Violinists

Rich. Deep. Resonant. Warm. Violinists, meet the viola! This class is an introduction to viola for students who already play violin, with the opportunity to get acquainted with the viola’s beautiful timbre and range, as well as meet the alto clef. Violists are highly sought after, both in chamber music and orchestral playing. Besides experiencing the joy of producing velvety viola sounds, violinists who study the viola often experience greater ease in playing the violin as their understanding of tone production grows; another common benefit is improved intonation, as their ears work hard to direct the fingers to exactly the right place on the string. 

Many thanks in advance to V. Richelieu for providing violas for the class. 

For Suzuki book 4 and beyond.


NEW: Making Pop-up Cards

We will explore the structures and design of cards that “pop” into 3-dimensions when opened. Using sharp cutting tools, we will create a wide variety of beautiful and impressive cards within a variety of themes, from flora to architecture. Great care and focus are required, making this an ideal class for maturing Suzuki students or adults.

For ages 12 and up.


NEW: Jazz Workshop

Jazz violinist and educator Leo Kitajima Geefay will lead a jazz workshop leading to a performance Thursday evening. 

Jam with your friends by learning to groove, comp, and improvise. We will learn essential characteristics of jazz and build our own tunes together. No previous experience necessary! 

For advanced bass players and Young Artist violins, violas, and cellos. 

 You may register for Enrichment classes à la carte, but you do not get to choose the class time. A parent or other responsible adult must be present on campus with students under 12 during their classes. A la carte enrichment classes costs $150 and enrollment includes:

Four sessions of your selected class/es 

 Attendance at our inspiring Honors Recitals

 Participation in our Teen Social (age 12+)

• Participation for parents in our Parent Talks

• Admission to our special evening performances featuring Young Artist cello faculty, Amy Barston, and Young Artist violin faculty, Elisa Barston

My daughter loved her classes! She was very motivated by the other students and wanted to go back to institute again.
JSSI really helped her to want to do better!