The following enrichment classes are offered at the Japan Seattle Suzuki Institute:

Suzuki Early Childhood Education

For children ages 0-3 years old, a musical, interactive class that runs for 4 days, 50 minutes per day.  A parent or caregiver must attend with the child.  Instructor: Barb Riley.  $50

Viola for Violinists

Violin students Books 4 and up may sign up for Viola for Violinists.  Introduction to viola playing.  Instructor: Barb Riley. $50


Students enrolled in Debut, Beginning, Intermediate or Advanced Orchestra may also enroll in Dalcroze.  Instructors: Mimi Hsu and Jared Ballance. $25

Music and Math

For ages 8+.  4 classes of 50 minutes each grouped by age.  Dr. Klyve, Associate Professor of Math at Central Washington University will lead an interactive workshop on how music and math work together and the benefits reaped by the mathematics minded musician.  Students will explore some of the fascinating relationships between music and mathematics.  On Days 1 and 2, we will use math to understand why a major scale has seven different tones, and then look at different scales used through history, and their effect on musical composition. Next we will examine musical “transformations”, and see how composers have effectively used them both within and outside the Suzuki repertoire. Finally, we will explore some of the mathematics of rhythm and structure in musical pieces.

Music and Movement Class for Siblings

Siblings ages 3-4 may sign up for rhythm class. Instructor: Barb Riley. $30


Dr. Klyve will lead a juggling session for those ages 10+