Enrichment Classes

Our Book 1-8 program includes one enrichment class.

Siblings may register à la carte for stand-alone enrichment classes.   

Dalcroze Eurythmics

Dalcroze is a wonderfully fun and active whole-body musical experience. Students use their bodies to feel, embody, and create music. This is a favorite among many returning students! ​Please follow this link to read more about Dalcroze Eurythmics: Dalcroze Parent Intro

Recommended ages: 4-10

Taught by Xing Jin

Craft Your Practice

Would you like practice time to be more fun? Craft some games and tools to use during practice, and learn how to use them. Parents will be involved in the class as well, possibly helping younger children with cutting and gluing skills. 

Recommended ages: 5+

Taught by Kristina Turner



StringsPop! is a performance-based class for teens and tweens to experiment with popular and folk music. We’ll learn how to read lead sheets and charts to arrange melody, harmony, bass, and percussion parts for a group performance. Create and compose your own part of the song with the music literacy and chord theory skills presented as games on our instruments.

For ages 10 and up. Recommended to be in Suzuki book 3 or beyond.

Taught by Caroline Salisbury

Viola For Violinists

Rich. Deep. Resonant. Warm. Violinists, meet the viola! This class is an introduction to viola for students who already play violin, with the opportunity to get acquainted with the viola’s beautiful timbre and range, as well as meet the alto clef. Violists are highly sought after, both in chamber music and orchestral playing. Besides experiencing the joy of producing velvety viola sounds, violinists who study the viola often experience greater ease in playing the violin as their understanding of tone production grows; another common benefit is improved intonation, as their ears work hard to direct the fingers to exactly the right place on the string. 

Many thanks in advance to V. Richelieu for providing violas for the class. 

For Suzuki book 4 and beyond.

The Healthy Musician

In this course, you’ll explore relevant basic anatomy for musicians, whole-body warmups, strengthening exercises for the upper body, practice strategies for increased efficiency and retention, injury prevention basics, and more.

Recommended ages: 11+

Taught by Kayleigh Miller


 You may register for Enrichment classes à la carte, but you do not get to choose the class time. A parent or other responsible adult must be present on campus with students under 12 during their classes. A la carte enrichment classes costs $150 and enrollment includes:

Four sessions of your selected class/es 

 Attendance at our inspiring Honors Recitals

 Participation in our Teen Social (age 12+)

• Participation for parents in our Parent Talks

• Admission to our special faculty performances featuring Young Artist cello faculty, Amy Barston, and Young Artist violin faculty, Elisa Barston

My daughter loved her classes! She was very motivated by the other students and wanted to go back to institute again.
JSSI really helped her to want to do better!