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*NEW* Music-making Lab

 Tap into your creative and expressive potential by engaging in a collective process of music-making! Working in small groups and within an encouraging and supportive environment, you will have the opportunity to generate musical ideas, give and receive feedback, and inspire one another. Be ready to play your instruments!

For students in Book 1 and up who are at least 6 years old. 

This class will meet at 10 am Pacific time, Tuesday – Friday.


*NEW* StringsPop!

StringsPop is an experiential journey through applied music theory and literacy to create Pop Music arrangements for string instruments. Learn to make multi-track recordings and music videos by arranging pop songs in layers – melody, harmony, bass line and rhythm.

For ages 10 and up. Recommended scale fluency in keys up to 4 sharps and 4 flats (two octaves).
Young Artists will automatically be included in the class.

This class will meet at 11 am Pacific time, Tuesday-Friday.

*NEW* Teen Symposium

Participants will spend four sessions exploring different topics with three experts:

1. Composer and flutist, Allison Loggins-Hull, will kick off our Teen Symposium. She is the composer of Stolen, the solo piece which our Young Artist cellos will be studying and which Amy Barston will perform at her recital on Wednesday night.


2. Jazz violinist and educator Leo Kitajima Geefay will lead an exploration of creativity and expression, through group music-making. Bring your instrument!

3. Violist and yoga/pilates instructor Kayleigh Miller will lead two sessions touching on effective practice techniques, audition prep, performance anxiety,  anatomy/physical warm-ups for musicians. ​

Open to all teens and those who will turn 13 this year.  All instruments welcome! Young Artists will automatically be included in the class and should not add it separately.

The course will meet at 9 am Pacific time, Tuesday – Friday.

Registration includes:

Four sessions of your selected class 

Attendance at our inspiring Honors Recitals

• Participation for parents in our Lunch Bunch Parent Discussions

• Participation for parents in our evening Parent Talk by teacher trainer and pyschotherapist, Ed Sprunger

• Admission to our special evening performance, featuring celebrated cellist, Amy Barston

Dalcroze $75
Music-Making Lab $75 

StringsPop $95
Teen Symposium $95

You may register for Enrichment classes without signing up for other classes. 

My daughter loved her classes! She was very motivated by the other students and wanted to go back to institute again.
JSSI really helped her to want to do better!