Video Auditions
(due Friday, June 11, 2021)

To participate in our Honors Recitals or our Young Artists Program, students must submit a video audition.

 •  Play one memorized, polished piece.
 •  Piano accompaniment is not required this year.
 • Dress as you would for a performance.
• If possible, stand in front of a non-distracting background.
•  Upload the video to YouTube and make sure visibility settings are either Public or Unlisted.
• One video per student. The same video can be used to audition for both Honors Recital AND Young Artists program.
• Once admitted, Young Artists can choose to play a different polished piece for their masterclass, if they wish.

This year, Honors Recital audition videos will be used as the Honors Recital performances.   

When you register, you will indicate on the Video Auditions form whether you will be submitting a video.

You can submit the video audition via the form during registration or you can submit it later by emailing

If you have questions about video recording submissions, please email 
before the deadline (Friday, June 11th).