Families and teacher workshop participants who stay on campus in Emerson Hall enjoy a break from the stresses of traffic and everyday life while they are immersed in institute. Each floor has at least one lounge, and some lounges are equipped with refrigerators.  Bedrooms include twin size bunk beds, chests of drawers, a closet (bring your own hangers!) and desks. Most rooms share an adjoining in-suite bathroom. There is no air-conditioning in the dorm rooms, so you may want to bring/purchase a fan. There are vending machines and pay laundry on the first floor, as well as a large lobby area and elevators. There is free parking during the summer on campus.

No cooking is allowed in dorm rooms. Some lounges may have a refrigerator, microwave, or stove top, but there are no dishes or cooking utensils. We strongly recommend that those staying in the dorm purchase a meal plan from the cafeteria. 

For photos of Emerson Hall and its dorm rooms, please follow this link:

The institute does not arrange roommates. Please only register for double or triple occupancy if you already have roommates in mind. If you register for single occupancy and later find a roommate, we can refund the difference as long as you let us know by July 1st.

*First night charges below include the linen packet of sheets, pillow, and towels. There is no discount for bringing your own linens. No one under 18 may stay on campus without an adult.

Single Occupancy  – first night $85.  Additional nights: $65/night.

Double Occupancy – first night: $75/person/night. Additional nights: $55/night/per person.

Triple Occupancy (limited availability) – first night: $60/person/night. Additional nights: $40/night/person.



We strongly recommend that those staying on-campus purchase a meal plan. Gwinn Commons Dining Hall offers a wide variety of options, including omelettes, cereal, hot breakfasts, hot entrees, fruit, salad bar, drinks, and desserts, and can accommodate many food allergies and food preferences. A selection of vegetarian and vegan items are offered at all meals. You must pre-order cafeteria meals; walk-ins cannot be accommodated.

Meals (for pre-order), available starting with lunch on Saturday 8/3 and ending with lunch on Sunday 8/11

Adult, age 7 and older: breakfast $10, lunch $14, dinner $19

Child, age 3-6 years: breakfast $5, lunch $7, dinner $10

Baby, age 0-2 years: FREE with adult purchase

Full Meal Package for student institute ( all meals from Mon breakfast– Fri lunch)

Adult, age 7 and older: $196

Child, age 3-6 years: $100

Baby, age 0-2 years: FREE

Lunch Package for student institute (lunch only, Mon-Fri)

Adult, age 7 and older: $70

Child, age 3-6 years: $ 35

Baby, age 0-2 years: FREE