This morning-only program is designed for younger students and parents who have already started lessons with a private teacher and are near the beginning of their Suzuki study. Students may be playing on a box instrument or still working on mastering the rhythms and fingerings of Twinkle Variations. Classes will meet at 9:00 am and 10:00 am. The Pre-Twinkle student schedule will include

  • 1-hour master class (short, semi-private lesson, 4 students per class). There will be NO masterclass on Tuesday.
  • 1-hour Dalcroze (a whole-body musical experience. Read more here.) There will be NO Dalcroze on Saturday.
  • Optional: Attendance at 11 am Honors Recitals (If you are interested in performing at a recital, you can learn more here)
  • Optional: Attendance at evening concerts