Elevate your child’s ability and artistry in our program for 
Books 1-8 ! 

Watch your child’s confidence, musical voice, and expression blossom as they …

  Receive guidance and encouragement from master Suzuki teachers 
Raise polished pieces to a higher level of artistry
Experience the fun of connecting with peer musicians


Children under 12 must be accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult. Registration includes:

• 4 lessons for your child in a peer group of four (Book 1-3), three (Book 4-6) or two (Book 7-8)

• 4 classes to strengthen technique

• 4 repertoire classes for developing artistry, culminating in a performance

• 4 orchestra rehearsals culminating in an orchestra performance (with an option for Dalcroze Eurythmics instead)

• 4 enrichment classes

• Attendance at our inspiring Honors Recitals*
(*performers chosen by video audition)

• Performance opportunity at our Informal Recitals 

• Participation in our Teen Social (age 12+)

• Admission to our special faculty performances featuring
Young Artist cello faculty, Amy Barston, and Young Artist violin faculty, Elisa Barston

• Participation for parents in our Parent Talks 

$650 for Books 1-3
$685 for Books 4-6
$700 for Book 7-8

Video audition information
Instrument rental information

Which orchestra is best for my child?

Please consult with your private teacher with the descriptions below in mind. Consider that reading music, watching the conductor, and listening to the surrounding parts make orchestra more of a challenge, even if the music looks easier than what a student is playing in their solo work with their teacher. We will send orchestra parts at the end of May.

For musicians who are not yet reading music OR who need some extra movement in their day. Dalcroze is a wonderfully fun and active whole-body musical experience. Students use their bodies to feel, embody, and create music. This is a favorite among many returning students! ​Follow this link to read more about Dalcroze Eurythmics: Dalcroze Parent Intro

A first-time orchestra experience for students who are gaining familiarity with reading the notes in first position. Class will include simple sight reading on the A and D strings. For students in Suzuki books 2-3 who are at least 8 years old.  

For students in Suzuki books 2-4 with previous orchestra experience. Violins/violas should be comfortable reading and playing in first position and may be learning other positions; cellists should be comfortable with the positions found within their repertoire. 

For students in Suzuki Book 4-6 who have orchestra experience and are comfortable playing in advancing positions.

For students in Suzuki book 6 or beyond who are experienced orchestral players and are comfortable playing advanced repertoire.

“The teaching was amazing. My daughter enjoyed all of her classes immensely.” – JSSI parent, 2023

“Gold stars to all faculty! They are all talented, expert in their field and passionate about kids and teaching.” – JSSI parent, 2023

“The orchestra experience was wonderful!” – JSSI parent, 2023

” It was an incredible learning experience for my kids – it was fun and inspiring.” – JSSI parent, 2023

“My favorite part of JSSI was to see my child’s joy in playing, making friends, learning so much!” – JSSI parent, 2023

I run a violin studio in Seattle. A couple of my students attended JSSI, and I also dropped by to observe a few classes and I just wanted to say – THANK YOU! The whole thing was well organized, parents reported great communication from the staff, and every class I visited was led by a top-notch teacher. My students had a wonderful time and I can’t wait to send more students next summer.

Take your child’s playing to new heights!