Book 9+ for Violin and Viola | Book 7+ for Cello

The Young Artists Program is designed for advanced students. Classes for Young Artists typically begin at 9 am and end at 5:30 pm and may include:

  • Master class with Amy Sue Barston (cello) or Martin Chalifour (violin), 2 students per class (Viola TBD)
  • Instrument-specific performance & technique classes
  • *Liberated Performer workshop
  • 90-minute Chamber Music class
  • Advanced Orchestra
  • Designated practice time or free time
  • Attendance/performance at 11 am Honors Recitals**
  • Evening performances to attend on Tuesday (Amy Sue Barston, cello) and Wednesday (Martin Chalifour, violin)

*Liberated Performer is a program that empowers musicians to perform their best at auditions, competitions, and concerts by teaching strategies to overcome performance anxiety. The curriculum offers solutions to the mental and physical blocks of anxiety such as shakiness, tense muscles, shortness of breath, the increase of adrenaline, dry mouth, sweating, lack of confidence, and negative thoughts. Liberated Performer achieves success by focusing on developing new performance experiences, building adaptive mindsets, creating inner confidence, and forming a pre-performance routine.

**Select Young Artists will be invited to perform on Thursday’s Honors Recital based on their YA application video. There is no need to submit a separate video to be considered for Honors Recital.

Individual schedules will be released approximately 1 week prior to Institute.