Violin Unit 2*

Instructor, Kathleen Spring
Dates: August 6-11, 2017

Violin Unit 5*

Instructor, Allen Lieb
Dates: August 6-11, 2017

Violin Revisting Book 1**

Instructor, Cathy Lee
Dates: August 6-11, 2017

Violin Practicum (COURSE FULL)***

Instructor, Edmund Sprunger
Dates: August 6-11, 2017

* NOTE: The ECC and Book 1, 2, and 3 must be taken in order before taking other training courses. Once the first 4 courses have been taken in order, the other courses (Book 4+) can be taken in any order.

**NOTE: Revisiting Book 1 is different then Violin Unit 1. In order to be eligible to take the Revisiting Book 1 course, Books 1A & 1B OR ECC and Unit 1 must be completed along with with a minimum of 1 year teaching. 

***NOTE:  Practicum may be taken anytime after Unit 1;  however, the participant must have a current Suzuki studio in order to participate.