Institute is designed with the understanding that parents will be involved, as they are at home, with lessons, practice, and the general supervision of their children. Children under the age of 12 MUST be accompanied by an adult at ALL times. This rule is for safety because SPU is an open campus.

Buddy System
We embrace the ideal that parents and children attend Institute together; however, it is sometimes impossible.  If you have a friend in the same book and instrument as you, within 4 songs, AND you are both in the same orchestra, you may request to be scheduled as buddies and have all core classes together. All buddies must be sanctioned by the Institute Director and the home teacher(s).  Once both students have registered, please email to request “buddy scheduling”. 
A typical day at the Japan Seattle Suzuki Institute may begin as early as 9:00 am and end as late as 5:00 pm. Each Book 1-3 student will have 4 hours of classes per day, which can include the following:

1-hour master class (short, semi-private lesson, 4 students per class)

1-hour technique class (small group class)

1-hour repertoire class (large group class)

1-hour Music Reading/Orchestra (see below for more information)

Attendance at Honors Recitals (If you would like to perform, submit your recording here.)

Optional: 1-hour enrichment class (see descriptions)

Optional: Attendance at evening concerts 

Each student is asked to play a polished piece as a solo at the first meeting of their master class – an opportunity for the teacher and student to get acquainted musically. No matter the level of current study, the student should select a piece from the repertoire that has already been polished and performed.


Orchestra Options

Consult with your teacher regarding orchestra placement:

Book 1: Dalcroze or Debut Orchestra

Book 2: Dalcroze, Debut or Beginning Orchestra

Book 3: Debut or Beginning Orchestra

Dalcroze: for students age 4 to adult. Most of the activities will be without an instrument. This course is also available as an enrichment course or for non-string playing siblings.

Debut Orchestra:¬†for students who have completed the “I Can Read Music” book or an equivalent music reading book. A first experience for students in any Suzuki book who know the notes in first position and easy rhythms. One piece of music will be sent in advance; there will also be easy music distributed and sight reading done during class.

Beginning Orchestra: for students in Books 2 and 3+ who can read fluently in first position and read various rhythms.