The Virtual Institute Experience

We have thoughtfully designed JSSI 2021 to inspire and engage all levels of musicians. 

 •  We have a stellar line-up of amazing music professionals, such as Allison Loggins-Hull, Amy Barston, Jeff Thayer,
Kayleigh Miller, and Blake Brasch, many of whom would not be able to join us in person.

 • We have modified our core curriculum from 4 hours to 3 hours:
interactive masterclasses, technique classes, and repertoire classes.

• We have adjusted our tuition and fees, making JSSI more affordable and accessible.

• Classes are 50 minutes, and most students will have only 2 consecutive classes
at a time to help minimize screen fatigue. Most classes will be at 9 am, 10 am, 11 am, 1 pm, and 2 pm, PDT.

•  We are offering new Enrichment courses, which can be taken in addition to the core curriculum
or on their own.

• We have swapped traditional chamber music for StringsPop arranging,
which is designed for a virtual setting like ours.

• We have virtual practice rooms where students can enter and practice “together”
for mutual support and motivation.

• This year, we can have unlimited Informal Recitals (Friday at 1 pm),
so every student will have the option to showcase newly honed skills.

 •  Our faculty have been teaching online for over a year; they have refined their online teaching methods
and are masters at keeping your musicians engaged.

• And don’t forget how easy it will be to get from one class to the next – just a few clicks, with time for bio breaks or a snack.
No packing up in a rush, lugging your instruments across campus, and arriving out of breath!  

Tech Tips and Tricks

   •  Make sure you are running the most recent version of Zoom

•  Set up “original sound” in Zoom

•  Hide your self view so you’re not distracted by your mirror image. This helps reduce Zoom fatigue!

•  Plug your laptop into a bigscreen TV for a more lifesize image of your classmates and teachers

• Consider using an external mic to improve your sound quality 

We will send additional details to families after they register.  

We encourage families and teachers to get creative and build community: 

 • Wear your JSSI t-shirt to practice around town before, during, or after institute week and tag your photos #JSSI2021

• Invite friends to bring a sack lunch, then spend Monday morning together at the 10 am Multi-instrument Play-along, the 10:30 am Opening Ceremony, and the 11 am Honors Recital 

• During the Honors Recital, type personalized and encouraging feedback into the chat at the end of each solo performance

• Meet with other parents in your studio/community for Ed Sprunger’s parent talk on Tuesday night at 7 pm 

• Host a watch party for Amy Barton’s recital on Wednesday night at 7 pm

• Invite neighbors, friends, or studio families to gather for the Informal Recital on Friday at 1 pm

• Gather with studio friends and families for the Twinkle Finale at 2 pm on Friday afternoon

Join us as we reconnect our JSSI community from across the continent and the globe!